5 inexpensive tips to revamp your kitchen

As blogged on girlsguideto.com, everyone knows a remodeling project on a home can be outrageously expensive. Contractors typically charge high prices for their expertise, and the materials can run into the thousands of dollars, or more.

Even for those homeowners who are able to afford the cost, the time needed to adequately complete a remodel can be several weeks or even months and that may be too much of a commitment.

One of the most popular parts of the home for a remodel or a new look is the kitchen. Many families spend a great deal of time in this room and they would love to have their kitchen better reflect their personal style and aesthetic. Kitchen remodels can be quite costly and time consuming, and this deters many homeowners from making the changes they’d like to implement.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take on a full remodel of your kitchen to see some very noticeable changes. We’ll take a look at five ways you can change the look of your kitchen, without investing a great deal of money or time.

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DIY tips for painting your kitchen cabinets

As blogged on realtytimes.com, want to have your cabinets professionally sprayed? Budget at least $1,000, depending on how much cabinetry you have, the prep work needed, and the type of paint or stain you choose. Or, you can do it yourself with some time and patience and more time and patience and a real good bit of elbow grease. Looking to take the leap? Here is a guide to cabinet colors that can help.

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A step by step guide to buying a home

As blogged on Dinksfinance.com, if you are about to be a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned vetern, it is always good to be reminded on the process.

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10 reasons why owning a home is better than renting

As blogged on realestate.aol.com, owning a home in the long run is much better financially than renting. There are many advantages such as “forced savings” when paying off your mortgage will help build equity.

Though this is an American article, most of these 10 benefits apply in Canada as well except the tax deductions.

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4 things you should know before you rent out your home

As blogged on trulia.com, every homeowner who wants to move has four different ways to go about it, and choosing to rent out your home is one that seems to be the default decision for those that fail in their attempts to first get the home sold.

For many it can be a wise decision, allowing them to turn a problem into a long-term investment vehicle. But for those homeowners who think they are going to rent out their home for a year or two and have their problems go away, a rude awakening looms in their future.

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5 smart home renos whether you’re staying or selling

As blogged on wallstcheatsheet.com, before you invest time and money in remodeling your home, it is important to evaluate your goals. Are the fixes you plan on making in order to sell, or are they investments that in the long-run will boost the home’s value but are also for your own enjoyment? The answer will impact your budget, and the payout from your repairs. Massive projects — like completely redoing your kitchen — will boost your home’s value, but unless you end up getting more money out than you put in, there probably isn’t a need to go to extremes right before you sell. Getting personal value out of it and a high return on investment does make sense though. So whether you are staying put or getting ready to sell, here are five smart housing rehabs — and how to approach them.

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Fireplace trends for 2014

As blogged on realtor.org, fireplaces often become the focal point of a room. New technological advances are allowing home owners to do a lot more with their fireplaces too, according to Napoleon Fireplaces, a manufacturer of wood and gas fireplaces and other household products.

“We’re seeing some very interesting home designs that incorporate fireplaces in many creative new ways,” says David Coulson with Napoleon Fireplaces. “While the traditional hearth will be a mainstay for many homes, modern fireplaces with crisp lines and glass frames will continue to rise in popularity with new homes and redesigned rooms. That being said we’re seeing several new trends emerge this season that are really changing the way people are thinking about fireplaces.”

Here are a few of the trends, according to Napoleon Fireplaces:

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8 low-cost home improvement ideas with luxurious outcomes

As blogged on homevaluedigest.com, as we move into spring, chances are you’re looking for home improvement ideas to freshen things a bit, and you want ideas that don’t break the bank. Here are eight simple and CHEAP ideas you can do yourself to give your house a face-lift.

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Financial advantages of owning a home

As blogged on redfin.com, your home is your castle, but there are also many financial advantages of owning a home. Here are five ways that owning can be better than renting.

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Unusual vegetables for small gardens

As blogged on seasonalwisdom.com, whether it’s their small sizes or strange colors, these four unusual vegetables for small gardens – and all gardens really – will make you smile.

These four rare foods have performed well over the years in Seasonal Wisdom’s gardens.  So, if you’re looking for something special to grow in your own kitchen garden this season, check them out…

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9 things home buyers should ignore when house hunting

As blogged on trulia.com, while a turn-key home is ideal for people who want to move right in and make no changes, there are those “time warp” homes that are actually incredible gems that just need a little polishing.

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Grow Those Vegetables: 10 intensive gardening methods that really work

Are you planning to grow a vegetable garden this year? If so, here are some cool ideas to help you maximize the harvest yield.

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4 ways to make your kitchen greener

In most homes the kitchen is a hub. It’s where we find our sustenance, where we come together, and where our lives occur. We want the foods that we put into our bodies to be safe, and we want our endeavors of love to have a positive impact on the environment. Nobody wants to serve a home cooked meal that unnecessarily kills trees, throws a bunch of things in the landfill, or ends up getting cleaned with chemicals. The kitchen is a place with a lot of traffic in, and a lot of traffic out. Beyond eating organic food, there are many steps you can take to keep it functioning in a healthy way. So today, I want to share some ideas on how to make this space of our homes a little bit greener.

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10 things every homeowner should discard of during Spring cleaning 2014

As blogged on today.com, while the temperatures outside may not be screaming that it's springtime, it is in fact that time of year when we purge the closets, clean the clutter and welcome the peace of mind that comes from organized living.

To get the party started, we asked professional organizers for their tips on what items to toss right away —or better yet, donate to an organization that can make good use of them— and here are their top 10 recommendations.

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Tips for growing a gorgeous lawn in a more environmentally-friendly way

We all like a beautifully landscaped lawn and garden on our property. However, at what costs environmentally are we as a society willing to go for these gorgeous lawns?

There is a way we can all be friendly to the environment and have that manicured lawn at the same time.

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Save your relationship - Home buying tips for couples

As blogged on Forbes.com, buying your first home with your significant other can be an exciting opportunity to make your dreams come true – or end up a stress-filled journey into the unknown. Here are some tips to keep your relationship on steady ground while avoiding costly mistakes.

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13 must-have tools to have ready for the 2014 gardening season

As blogged on gomominc.com, gardening season is just around the corner (well I think it is). Start preparing now by making sure you have these 13 tools ready for the season.

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10 ways to use vinegar that will leave your house squeaky clean

As blogged on remodelista.com, what’s so great about vinegar? It contains acetic acid and is typically made from grapes, fermented apples, barely malt, or corn that has undergone fermentation (think of it as what happens when wine goes wrong). It’s vinegar’s acetic property that lends it to cleaning. It’s also cheap, non-toxic, and proven to be antibacterial.

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16 storage ideas in your home that you probably haven’t thought of

As blogged on coldwellbanker.com, there are very few who can actually say their home has enough space for all of their things. In the battle of you vs square footage, you rarely feel like you come out on top. Here are some awesome ideas to get you get organized and find a “home” for all of your things.

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Take a look at these cool sustainable container homes

I am a big fan of low-cost container homes. These alternative homes can help solve some of the housing problems we have in this country if the municipalities will allow some of these types of communities grow.

Some container homes can also be quite nice and make a perfect home for many.

Alternativeconsumer.com has a terrific blog with photos on some very unique ideas. To learn more, click on the link below:


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