Tips for cleaning and organizing your fridge

I personally know that once-in-a-while my refrigerator gets out of control. Old food can be left for weeks (yuck).

However there is help from our friends at Check out their tips for cleaning and organizing the fridge in your home.

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Things to know BEFORE choosing a paint colour has an excellent blog explaining the different paint types. A must read for anybody about to tackle a paint project in the near future.

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Tips for organizing important home documents

As blogged on, it happens to all of us. We start searching through important documents for something specific and quickly realize we’ve managed to accumulate mounds of documents, receipts, forms, pamphlets, brochures and notes.

Keeping your financial documents in order is key to simplifying your life.  There are many different ways to organize important documents, however, the question remains – what documents should we keep on-hand at all times and NEVER throw away and which are ok to keep for a while and then toss out?

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Tips for watering plants while on vacation

If your home is full of plants like ours, you will appreciate these tips on watering your plants while away on vacation.

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Tips for winning a bidding war on a home

As blogged in, in many hot housing markets, bidding wars have been breaking out on a regular basis and some house hunters are getting beaten out time and again.

But it's not always about who has the most money. Sellers will accept lower offers if it means less hassle.

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Doing a kitchen reno in the near future? Here is your guide

As blogged on, homeowners make the decision to renovate a kitchen for many reasons — the kitchen may be outdated, they dislike the design made by a previous owner, they need more space, etc. But for whichever reason you had for renovating your kitchen, one simple idea comes to mind: "to minimize the bad and maximize the good." This quote, taken directly from the blog Manhattan Nest, is a great philosophy to keep in mind when designing and creating the kitchen of your dreams.

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5 simple DIY "green" home projects to celebrate World Environment Day

Tomorrow June 5 is World Environment Day. There are a number of things you can do at home to help the Earth and save money at the same time. However, many people shy away from “do it yourself” projects because they are concerned about the effort and skill needed to successfully complete the job. DIY home improvement does not have to be difficult. These five ideas are perfect weekend jobs that even newcomers can dig into.

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Step-by-step tips for installing a ceiling fan

As blogged on, there is nothing worse than walking from the hot outdoors into the hot indoors – running the air conditioning during the late spring and summer months almost seems like a necessity to keep the home cool and comfortable. But, running window units and even central air can be expensive and inefficient. Installing ceiling fans throughout the home can often help circulate cool air and increase the energy efficiency of the home throughout the warmer seasons.

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Unscheduled Home Repairs: Are You Financially Prepared?

As blogged on, financial experts recommend that homeowners set aside from one to three percent of their home value every year to pay for routine maintenance and as a reserve fund for an emergency repair. For a $300,000 home, that means you should have savings of $3,000 to $9,000 that you can access for home projects. You can estimate how much you may need based on not only the current value of your home, but also the age and condition. Clearly, a new home can be less likely to need major repairs and replacements than an older home that has not been recently renovated.

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Home energy saving tips

As blogged on, conserving energy is something all homeowners should try to do. Energy conservation can help to reduce power bills while also improving the environment. Conservation is not complex. There are several ways to conserve energy at home.

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5 ways homebuyers make real estate agents crazy

As blogged on, the process of buying a home can be long and challenging. It can be stressful for both buyers and their real estate agents. Through it all, it's helpful to understand that, though agents are there to support you, they can't be all things to every buyer. From time to time, a buyer can unintentionally make the buying process more difficult, much to the agent's frustration. Here are five ways buyers create stress and complications not only for their agents but for sellers and even themselves.

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6 Low-cost and easy ways to increase curb appeal to your home

If you can maximize your curb appeal to your home at little or no cost, why not go for it? Perhaps one of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home right before you put it up for sale.

Check out these six low-cost curb appeal upgrades as blogged on Click on the link below to read:

5 Awesome reasons to install a fire pit on your property

As blogged on, home improvement projects would be an awesome way to increase not just the beauty but also the value of your home. In major household overhaul projects, it would be necessary to have mini excavators which can help especially when digging is part of your project. One fine example of an addition that would be perfect for your yard is a fire pit which may or may not require some digging. These fire pits are not just perfect when the weather is chilly but it can be great for year-round family events. Here are some ideas on what you can do with fire pits to enhance your living space.

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4 Things that homebuyers should never reveal when negotiating on a home

There are some common-sense things a homebuyer should never reveal while they are negotiating on a home. Keeping your cards close to your chest will only help you get the best deal possible.

Here are a few tips from a blog on To read, simply click on the link below:

51 Budget backyard DIYs that are perfect for entertaining

As blogged on, we Canadians spend most of the winter months in our homes so when summer arrives we are ready to spend extra time outdoors.

Why not make your backyard an oasis for entertaining. Here are some great budget DIY suggestions to spruce up your summer enjoyment.

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When your DIY home project needs to call an expert

As blogged on, what makes a project a good Do-it-yourself candidate? Low-risk, for one: making a collage isn’t going to implode your roof, and cutting up your old denim to make a quilt isn’t going to result in a trip to the emergency room. (Unless of course you forget to take the jeans off before starting…)

But some home projects just shouldn’t be attempted by anyone other than a professional. Don’t believe it? Just watch these crazy DIY fails.

To watch the videos and read more, click on the link below:

Step-by-step tips for building a vertical garden wall

I personally love vertical gardens as they add a nice piece of décor to any property. If you don’t have a green thumb like me, Home Depot has a great blog on how to build your own vertical wall garden with not much effort at all.

For photos and to read more, click on the link below:

11 unique ideas for decorating with flowers

As blogged on, Spring is here, finally right?!  After that horrific winter, we welcomed this new season with open arms.  Whether spring is drawn out or we jump right into Summer, it’s nice to break out of hibernation to smell the fresh air of the warmer season to come.

The first thought that comes to mind for me when I think of Spring is, flowers.  As the perennials are starting to peak their way through – it’s always interesting to see what will come up each year – I’ve started to think of how I can create simple, but unexpected flower displays and vignettes throughout the garden (and indoors too).

Let’s get ready to gush over some major inspiration for unique and unexpected ways to display + decorate with flowers…

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25 DIY organization ideas for your garage

As blogged on, Spring prompts overhauling of the house in an annual “Spring Cleaning.” We take this a step further and implement the overhaul into the garage as well. I do not know how the garage collects so many things during the year. Decluttering and organizing is in order. It may take a bit of elbow grease, but in the end it’s worth the overhaul… I promise you!

To see some neat DIY garage organization ideas pulled from Pinterest, click on the link below:

A look at some great vertical garden ideas

As blogged on, vertical gardens are a fantastic, artistic and intelligent way to grow your favorite herbs, veggies and flowers in small spaces or urban scapes. Check out our 6 favorite ideas for verdant vertical gardens to inspire a late spring project in your courtyard, alleyway, backyard or even indoors!

To learn more and see some awesome vertical gardens, click on the link below:

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